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General Liability100% Oil Field
Pumping Units
$2 Million Liability with Blanket AI and Waiver of Subrogation$100,000$1,786.62 per year!
General Liability50% Oil Field
50% Over the Hole
Pipeline Work and Over the Hole
$2 Million Liability with Blanket AI and Waiver of Subrogation$75,000$1,980.70 per year!
Commercial AutoWelder with 2007 Dodge Ram$1 Million Liability
Comp/Coll $1,000 Ded.
Blanket AI and Waiver
N/A$2,276 per year!
Commercial AutoWelder with 2012 Dodge Ram with attached welder$1 Million Liability
Comp/Coll $1,000 Ded.
Blanket AI and Waiver
$15,000 Property Coverage on Welder
N/A$3,270 per year!
General Liability100% Fabrication and Trailer Modification$2 Million Liability with Blanket AI and Waiver of Subrogation$100,000$6,489 per year!
General Liability90% Oil Field
10% Over the Whole
Custom Furniture and Fence/Gate
$2 Million Liability with Blanket AI and Waiver of Subrogation$130,000$1,980.70 per year!


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